Friday, July 13, 2012

Oil Painting beginner and intermediate July 2012 Part two

This is one of my plein air palettes with not much of a system at all. I was in France and had to work quickly. Having the time to paint leisurely at your easel and teach it is a procedure, organization and system of working that I rely on.

By the time you have observed and studied your subject matter, drawn it, laid in values, (darks, middle tones and lights), you are truly getting familiar with your subject and you develop a relationship or intimacy with it. You know it. So by the fourth and fifth day of working on your painting, you are beginning to see more and the refining begins and there are lots of decisions to be made with each step of the process. Continual stepping back from your work, making corrections, discussing the process and the next steps to be taken.

For my palette I use a warm and cool of each primary color.
Lemon Yellow
Cad Yellow
Cadmium Red Light
Alizarin Crimson
Ultra Marine Blue
Prussian Blue

and then I add:
Utrecht White
Yellow Ochre
Raw Sienna
Burnt Sienna
Sap Green

Cadmium Red Medium
Chromium Oxide Green

I used Liquin for a light medium with the students and Gamblin Odorless Spirits for Turpentine
A daily spray of retouch varnish in between painting sessions.

This is Anna using the medium after
the third day. You can see how
the light interprets the reflective
quality of the surface now.

Shannon building up her layers of paint with various palette knives and making decisions of hard edges, soft edges, toning down intensities, changing directions of strokes and correcting drawing here and there.

This is Anna's last day and her finish on the very first oil painting she has done.
By the way the intricate glass in the background right is Venetian glass from Murano in Italy and is 24 k. gold (a typical glass design from the world famous glass artistry) and the vase on the left is hand made and you can really tell be it's handmade handles. This painting professionally photographed would show more accurate warms and cools of each color.

Last day touch ups and a pleased talented and confident art student!

The demonstration oil painting by me completed on day five.
Get out your oil paints and enjoy creating and observing the world around you!
Claudia Post


  1. I'm not a huge art person but I do enjoy artwork. I think that your first portrait is really amazing!

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