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Part 2 Scholarship Week for Atelier Students Aug 2011

                Here we are again in part 2 so that you can remember us from part 1!
Shannon, Anna, Claudia Post, Amber and Lydia

Claudia Post commented on:
Passing on art traditions

I have been a teacher of art and mentor for over 40 yrs. It is one of the most fulfilling endeavors I have done in my life. To share my knowledge, perceptions, philosophies, art experiences over the years, to teach academic fine art, drawing and painting and to teach students to see their world differently and to learn the unique vocabulary of art is exciting and so gratifying. I have evolved over the years of teaching into a true mentor and use an atelier method (apprentice) in which to instruct. I teach all ages of gifted or talented people and bring each of them to a place where they realize that being an artist is not just a profession but a way of life! When the student finally accepts the fact that they are an Artist and it means looking at the world differently and being creative with their lives 24 hours each day. It is not 9 to 5pm and how much salary you make. IT IS A LIFESTYLE. I have found it to be a most profound and healing lifestyle to be an artist. It is a way of expressing one's feelings about what they see. IT IS SO HEALTHY AND REWARDING. The skills, methods, drawing and painting principles, mediums to work with, the practice of eye hand coordination and the understanding of just what side of the brain is used for this creative activity and how to exercise it to nurture it and accomplish goals. It has gotten me through life's challenged, struggles, unexpected happenings and tragedies and has given me self worth, a purpose in life, and respect and a release as well as a way to make a living. I teach my students these things and watch just what they evolve into as artists. I have trained many fine artists and have inspired them to go their own individual ways . I have sent many to art colleges, on professional paths and have seen then flourish in their artistic lives. To share all my art experiences, art skills and art theories and philosophies is my gift to give and leave behind for others. I love the arts and all of the arts are related: dancing, choreography, musicians, composers, writers, sculptors , photographers, etc etc. It is so important in our lives to have these many various arts to leave behind our trace and evidence of our human spiritual existence. I could go on forever talking, sharing and discussing art and the arts . YES TEACHING IS PARAMOUNT AND SHARING THE ARTS SO IMPORTANT AND HAS BEEN FOR ME A LIFETIME OF TRUE FULFILLMENT. Claudia Post , Master Pastelist and Portrait painter and fine artist and mentor

This is a small demo in my technique to begin drawing in pastel. The girls took the photos step by step just to see my lines, my process, my thinking, the build up and my

This gives you some kind of slow development of the drawing process and how carefully the subject is studied and how light and delicate the drawing steps are so that the artist never needs to erase. You just continuously improve the drawing by drawing and redrawing right through the previous drawing with a darker value pastel and a change of temperature of color

This is Amber almost completed on the third full day of working and learning to use both nupastels and I introduced some of my soft pastels by the end of the day. Her composition and intensity of color is very well done. First time working in pastel
This is Anna and she is almost complete also. She has worked in her childhood a great deal from photos and her sense of value is quite good. Now working from life she will discover wonderful differences in her work and this is the second time working with pastel. Anna by the way is just 14 yrs old.

This is the interior of my studio and workspace. The gifted students are beginning to learn how an artist works, the time it takes and the concentration needed as well as the skills. I time their working time to 30 min. and then they stand back, take a break and evaluate their work before beginning again. They are beginning to bond and to have a camaraderie with their like minded studio partners . Great to watch because usually painting is quite a solitary experience. This is different.

Amber's pastel still life complete. She would have liked to have one more day to finish more completely . Next month when we meet again, I will have her bring this back just to complete the work. It is her first pastel.

This is Anna's completed pastel and the second pastel she has ever done. Her drawing shows her practice from photographs. She has sharp edges etc.
What great promise in her skill!

This is Lydia's still life completed and as you can see it has drama and a maturity in the handling of the pastel as well as the skill in the drawing. The cast of the woman's head looking straight out at the view has impact and the key let's the viewer wonder about it's meaning. Her values are accurate, the building up of the pastel is interesting and she already has a style of her own.  Congratulations Lydia

This is Shannon's work and I think the sophistication of the art work is wonderful. She has a wonderful drawing for each item in this composition and she has employed lost and found edges in this, much like a painter would use. Her use of value, color intensity and color temperature is dramatic and a delight to the eye. Congratulations Shannon!

At the conclusion of three long workshop days these four teens have truly shown their abilities, talents, hard working ethics! Bravo to these future artists and I look forward to continuing with each of them to develop great work, a professional quality portfolio and a resume for their bright futures and for their continuing art educations.
* I will be writing more about my Atelier program in future blogs

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