Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Painting the Person You Care About (part 3)

At the conclusion of the five day workshop in Chestertown Maryland each art student achieved a lovely completed pastel portrait painting of the person they cared about and this is the results for you all to see.

This is Bonnie's second pastel portrait ever ! She is a very fine draftman and has much talent to work with. I look forward to see what Bonnie will learn and create. This subject projects and kindness and sensitve nature and is so sweet to look at. Congratulations Bonnie!

Congratulations Mary on your achievement with a portrait in pastel. You were such a great student I know you must be a great teacher too! Capturing the freshness and innocense of an little girl and your delicate pastel stroking added to this visual delight!

My dear friend Marj Morani and her colorful pastel portrait of her daughter in law is classical in appearance . She has used her style of broken color and was not afraid to employ her individual stroking and intensity of colors. A strong work of art. Congratulations Marj!

A great sensitive and loving portrait done by Barbara of her husband. Such care went into the delicate draftsmanship of her strokes, her transition of values and careful applications of soft Sennelier Pastels. Congratulations Barbara on a wonderful Portrait for your family!!

The most difficult of portraits to accomplish was that of Holly Geddes. To bring to life this vibrant older woman with an open mouth smile displaying teeth and hair that varied so much in texture and in color was a true feat and a determination to pay tribute to this special friend of hers. I applaud you Holly for the strong and powerful work you did on this as well as the personality you successed in portraying in this work. Hats off to you girl!

After 5 long workshop days with 5 hardworking art students I returned home to Connecticut with a great deal of satisfaction and fulfillment in the accomplishments that were made here.
I left with a list of recommendations for each of the students to continue their progresss with their pastel and their portraiture as well as a small evaluation of each student .
Thank you Chestertown Art League in Chestertown Maryland for hosting me and having me there to teach you again.
My warm appreciation, Claudia Post

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