Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Working today with students

Today my student Johanna was coming to a finish on her double portrait of two little girls in pastel. Working on Canson paper she made sure her drawing was carefully studied  to be sure of getting a good likeness of her little models.  Johanna had to  work from a photo in this case as her models are too young to sit for the time it would take to fully develop her pastel painting. She is using a mahl stick to steady her hand as she puts on the final touches and gets ready to sign it..
Johanna has been studying with me for around 5 months and is currently in an Atelier program of study with me. She has committed to study for a year at a time working in my studio along with a few other gifted students. They are working full days from 9am until 4 pm and concentrate on academic drawing, pastel as well as oils and they paint various subject matter. The camaraderie that the students have with one another is exciting. They bond that they have with one another is because they share their thoughts, feelings, their passions and creativity. I share the experiences I have had being an artist for over 45 well as my philosophy of art. My students are taught that you actually live the life of an artist, it is not just a job. It is a way of life and seeing the world around you.

This is my student Shannon G. and she is in the process of drawing a portrait using nupastels, a hard version of pastel pigment. She is carefully observing her subject to achieve a good likeness and is working from dark to light at this stage and planning for her careful build up of colors (both warm and cool) with softer pigment.
Shannon is a good draftsman and so far has a passion for drawing and painting people but has finished some great still life paintings as well. I give my students extra work to do on their own, reading to do and art exhibitions, galleries and museums to visit and write comments about. I want them to be able to verbalize their opinions clearly and concisely. It is important for me to expose them to as much art as possible either in our history or being created currently.
 I have booked an art exhibition in a gallery for next October 2011 so that my students can actually plan for the work that they create to be shown in a public venue. I will take them through the entire process of designing an invitation, writing their news releases, social networking for themselves, photographing and framing their completed works, hanging their show, putting our refreshments and greeting their invited guests! Then of course it is then selling their own work!!
It is an opportunity for students to really understand the life of a fine artist.

I will be relocating my atelier students down to an art studio I am involved with at the Maple and Main Gallery of Fine Art in Chester,CT. where I live. I am working to make the studio feel as comfortable as my home studio. In January, this small group of gifted artists will be working there. 
I will also be starting another group of students on Tues. afternoons for a 4 hr. class that will last 6 weeks.  In this class, I will emphasize drawing and pastel the medium.  I will demonstrate various ways the medium can be used and how a different pastel surface can dictate to the artist just what technique is the best to use. If anyone is interested, please check out the or

Dec.10, last Friday was the opening of the Holiday Exhibition at the Lyme Art Association in Old Lyme, CT. One of the paintings I had juried into the show was my "Portrait of Lauren" and her mom Cheryl Tyrell was there to view her daughter's portrait. Cheryl is one of Lauren's greatest supporters and has been a strong influence in her daughter's choice of profession.
"Portrait of Lauren", my student and her mom Cheryl Tyrell of Clinton,CT

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  1. Hi Claudia, it's so wonderful to see these young ladies developing into artists!